The Veg-Out Plant Powered Food Plan


There is so much research now to support plant based eating for health. Eating a balanced plant based diet can have really positive results with such a number of health conditions, the recent documentary film ‘The Game changers’ (available on Netflix) really highlighted the difference that removing animal products can have on health, fitness and sport performance.

If you know that you want to make positive changes, feel healthier, feel more energised.. Why not go ‘Plant Powered?’ with our NEW plan it is easier than you think too.. The plan is designed to be really easy to follow, with no confusing points to count – Just a few simple principles to follow.

It’s the easiest ‘diet’ to follow.. that’s because it’s not a diet. It’s a new way of eating. There’s so many food options to choose from on the pick ‘n’ mix menu that it’s easy to pick whatever you fancy.. including lots of comfort food too!

How it works

There’s no weekly meetings to attend, no extra weekly payments.. Just a one off membership payment of £25 to access the full package.

The full package will include the pick ‘n’ mix recipe toolkit, membership to our Facebook support group to allow you to access even more tips, recipes & help throughout the year as well as regular 1:1 online support from as you need it.. Perfect for those of you who want the help and support of a group but need it to fit around shift work or juggling the kids.

The recipes are developed to be nutritionally balanced and keep you fuller for longer. The food plan is a more sustainable change to your eating habits.. that just happens to have a positive impact on your health and weight too.

Full details of the food plan and membership sign up will be available from early 2020.