Plant Powered Recipe Book

It’s no great secret that we could all do with eating far more fruit and veggies.. They are the source of so many vitamins and minerals. I know, the thought of eating loads of ‘rabbit food’ maybe doesn’t appeal to some. It’s a slight conundrum though that many of us find ourselves in, knowing that we need to be better with what we eat but lacking the enthusiasm to do it.

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Instead of having that sinking feeling though of having to eat like a rabbit, hamster, guinea pig (or whatever small furry veg eating animal you liken the consumption of salad to).. or feel like you have to go against those cravings for warm comforting meals.. why not try going a bit more Plant-Powered?

If you plan your meals well there is often more protein (not to mention the bundles of other beneficial nutrients) in a plant-based meal compared to most standard family meals. So, whether you are a a meat eater or not, injecting a bit more ‘Plant Power’ into your daily routine is such a positive move for your health, energy levels and your budget too!

This first introductory ebook is based on the meals that we eat as a plant-based family. We know how tricky it can be to get the ‘salad dodgers’ to eat their greens! This ebook gives you everything that you need to go ‘Plant Powered’ as a family for 7 days. All of our recipes are really accessible and easy to fit into your already busy lifestyle. So whether you are wanting to go fully vegan or just wanting to include a few plant-based days into your week.. this is the book for you.

Plant Powered – 7 Day Family Plan

A little ebook packed with recipes for a full week of family friendly plant Powered eating. The PDF file has been developed to work on a wide range of devices and will be delivered to your email inbox. Please note: By purchasing this book you are agreeing to use the virtual file for personal use and not distribute to a wider audience or gain financially from the content.


Our little ebook is currently available in virtual format only. The payment button will provide us with an email for delivery of your book as a PDF file. We have formatted the book in this way so that you can export to an e reader app on your phone, tablet or even a laptop. The kindle app is available to download for both IOS and Android. The other bonus of this file format means that you can print the recipes and meal planner templates for your personal use whilst still having the benefit of having access to the recipes on your device when you are in the supermarket stocking up.

Watch this space for updates and extra recipe ‘add on’ packs to build your Plant Powered toolkit!

Want something a bit bigger? Why not check out our NEW ‘Plant Powered Food Plan’ being launched in 2020.. Packed with recipes, support and tips to help you to feel awesome inside and out. Perfect for anyone wanting to feel more energised, take control of your health issues and lose that extra bit of weight. Keep an eye out for updates and full product information.